Extractions (improper repair hardware like nails)

Stripping (hand stripping only)

Deep cleaning

Bleaching (for black and other stains)

General Repairs

Replications/replacement parts/reproduction hardware/glazing, etc.

Re-fabrication and reassembly

Structural, functional and cosmetic enhancements


Filling (open grain, damage and imperfections)

Restoring patina






Top coating




Final finishes (traditional and/or synthetic as intended) 

Better Than New... Heirlooms and other fine antiques are priceless and deserve the best of care and treatment. The old furniture designs, joinery and materials have stood the test of time and are far superior to most of what is being made today. Even after severe damage from many years of daily use, neglect, sunlight, grit, grime, dust, moisture, wax buildup, dry air, and sometimes abuse, water, fire or smoke, painting over or improper handling and storage, any piece can be restored. Whenever possible, Saliba takes great care in making repairs while preserving and protecting valuable original intact finishes. However, it is often necessary to perform comprehensive restorations to achieve the desired results. This often includes but may not be limited to the following: 

The Perfect Sleeper-So, you found that perfect piece at a flea market, estate or garage sale, or antique shop, and you want to make it perfect for that special space. Saliba will bring back the original beauty and integrity to any piece no matter how badly distressed.

Finders Keepers -If you have been unable to find the type, period or style of furniture you’ve been looking for, or you are uncertain about how to complete your home or office furnishings or accents, Saliba can assure your success by finding what you’ve been looking for, preparing it and delivering it to you.

The Great Revival- Kitchen and bath cabinets, stairways, window and door casings, sills, doors, fireplace mantles, trim and moldings, wood floors, porches, decks, built-ins, other architectural pieces, and other woodwork in your home are about both form and function. Show your personal taste in style. Whether you simply require rejuvenation and preservation of original designs and finishes, modifications or repairs, replacements, or comprehensive restorations and refinishing, Saliba is your man. 

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