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Q:  If I do not live in the Wichita, Kansas area, is it possible for me to get work done at Saliba’s?
A:  Pick up and delivery services are available within a 50-mile radius of Wichita/Douglas area with a standard trip charge. Otherwise, shipping and handling may be risky and carrier charges may be prohibitive.

Q:  How long will it take for the work to be completed?
A:  Most jobs are completed within 30 days from when the work has begun. Time to completion also depends on the type and size of the job, on or off-site.

Q:  Will my project cost more than it’s worth?
A:  Rarely. However, some projects are so material and labor intensive that the cost may exceed fair-market resale prices.

Q:  Is there any guarantee associated with the work?
A:  Romney upholds the highest standards in his work and stands behind his workmanship. He maintains a 100% client satisfaction rating for over 50 years.

Q:  How much does work typically cost?
A:  The national average for quality restoration work and material costs are on the rise. Romney is committed to protecting the value of your personal property and has kept costs at forty-five dollars per hour plus material costs. He will discuss with you the “best/worst case cost scenarios” in advance.

Q:  Can I use my credit card for payment?
A:  We accept checks, cash or money orders only at this time.

Q:  Can I get a free consultation/estimate?
A:  When you choose to retain Saliba’s services, estimate/consultation costs are waived. Otherwise, standard trip and consultation charges will apply.

Q:  Are there any up-front costs associated with the work?
A:  A down payment is required to contract services. The amount is dependent on the type and size of the job.

Q:  Are appraisal services available?
A:  Romney brings more than 40 years of experience to the table when appraising the fair-market value of your antiques. Standard consultation fees apply to all off-site appraisals.

Q:  For work to be done in or on my home, how far will Saliba be willing to travel?
A:  Rarely more than 50 miles.

Q:  Does Saliba work on anything other than woodwork?
A:  Yes. Romney also provides quality work with most synthetic building materials, composites, glazing, stringed musical instruments, porcelain, ceramics, brass, copper, tin, white metals, and paints.